Beyond Gold with Dr. Caroline Leaf

Eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, and toxic thinking!


Beyond Gold Bible School (BGB) takes off again with IGW as partner

BGB starts on September 27, 2023 and offers a wide range of training areas including mental toughness, practical sports psychology, Bible basics, prayer, character building and much more. The training program lasts 2 years and is anchored in practice, just like ours.


Livenet Talk with Jörg Walcher

In Livenet Talk Switzerland, Jörg Walcher talks about where gives you a foundation for your life.


Sport: Former champion Jacqueline Schneider supports athletes at the World Athletics Championships

When the 2023 World Athletics Championships come to an end in Budapest this Sunday, August 27, Jacqueline Schneider will complete her mission. The former top-level diver offers her services as chaplain to all athletes who wish to attend.


Radio Life Channel Interview: Sport-Chaplain at the World Athletics Championships Budapest

From 19 to 27 August 2023, the World Championships in Athletics will take place in Budapest. And in the middle of it all, next to all the athletes and officials, Jörg Walcher is working as a "sports chaplain".


World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 - PRAYER & STRENGTH BEFORE/AFTER COMPETITION

First Prayer Meeting at World Athletics Championships ❤️

and many 1:1 meetings already in the first 2 days in Budapest. 🇭🇺

We love all these shining top athletes full of Joy & Faith 😃❤️


Beyond Gold Bible School - Start this September 2023

Train your inner self with us!

Beyond Gold Bible School is the Bible School that fits your lifestyle.

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