Here is an overview of all our references:


Presidents of the LOC

Mag. Hans Grogl

President LOC Schladming 2013 FIS Alpine Ski World Championships

"It was a delight to have Jörg serve as fully-accredited chaplain at our 2013 FIS Alpine World Championships in Schladming. Jörg's positive, outgoing manner is winsome and an encouragement not only to athletes and those who support them but to others at the championship as well, including the organizing committee. I am confident you'll enjoy having him at your event and that his ministry will be gladly received by the athletes and their teams."

Havard Orsten

President LOC Vikersund 2012 FIS Ski Flying World Championships

"It was a great pleasure to have Jörg Walcher, from Austria, as part of the chaplain team during the 2012 Ski Flying World Championships in Vikersund. As part of the obligation he invited the Austrian Ski jumping team and their coaches to a church service in our local church.The athletes and their team were very grateful for this service.Jörg seemed to have a close and good contact with the athletes and their families during the event.


Athletes & Coaches

Christof Innerhofer

Austrian Alpine Ski Racer, World Champion in the Super-G 2011

"The athlete devotions of Jörg help me feel assured that you are not alone and that nothing is a coincidence."

Manfred Mölgg

Italian Alpine Ski Racer, 2x Bronze & 1 x Silver at World Championships as well as Slalom Overall World Cup winner

"I am grateful for the many years I have known Jörg. I met him at the World Championships in Schladming in 2013 and I'm very grateful for all the conversations I've had with him."

Matthias Mayer

Austrian Alpine Skier, 2 x Olympic Gold & winner of the legendary Kitzbühel’s Hahnenkamm downhill 2020

"Faith helped me, but not overnight. I needed some time to collect myself and slow down to be satisfied even with the small things in life again."


Austrian Nordic Combined Athlete & Olympic medal winner


"During the devotion I found an inner peace and strength. The atmosphere is always very special and I enjoy the time to wind down and direct my thoughts in a different direction."



Austrian Nordic Combined Athlete & Olympic medal winner


"The devotion before the team competition was very special.I really felt how the connection in our team became stronger and that our faith for a medal grew bigger!"


Wolfgang Stampfer

Former Bob Pilot & Bob Coach of the Swiss National Team


"I would recommend every athlete to ask for Jörg’s support to receive the focus & peace that you need for a competition."

Christoph Eugen

Head Coach of the Austrian Nordic Combined Team


"When athletes are forbidden to start, Jörg is a good partner to talk about the disappointment. You can really tell afterwards that it encouraged them."

Sofia Goggia

Italian Alpine Ski Racer, Olympic Gold 2018

"After attending the Chapel Service, I was filled with joy and won the World Cup with only a 100th of a second to spare."

- Sofia Goggia's Red Bull Blog

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Eva Pinkelnig

Austrian Ski Jumper, 2x Vice World Champion 2019

"Jörg & Jacqueline love and appreciate me for who I am and not for my performance. They offer a safe place where I can simply be myself. After my serious falls when all the experts & coaches saw the end of my career, Jörg & Jacqueline were always there for me, encouraged me and had my back. Now I’m a 2x Vice World Champion, 3x World Cup Winner, stood 17x on the World Cup podium and finished third in the overall World Cup last season (2019/2020). Beyond Gold was, is, and remains an important part of “Team Eva”."

Bernhard Gruber

Austrian Nordic Combined athlete, FIS World Champion 2015

"After the athlete devotion the trainers told me that I was noticeably calm and remarkably concentrated."

Stefan Steinacher

Sports commentator of the largest Austrian & German sports events

"I think it is extremely important that Jörg is present at sports events as a Sports Chaplain."

Marlies Raich (former Schild)

Austrian Alpine Ski Racer, 2x World Champion & 4x Olympic Gold

"The athlete devotions benefit me a lot. I can recognize myself in them as an athlete."

Samuel Costa

Italian Nordic Combined athlete

"It is always a nice & encouraging time with Jörg at the competitions. I always look forward to talking with him and I am grateful for his support. He is a big inspiration for me, and I hope that he can participate in many competitions to come."

Madeleine Egle

Austrian Luge Rider, Olympic Bronze 2018

"It does a lot for us as a team to have Jörg's spiritual support in the sledding."

Wolfgang Kindl

Austrian Luge Rider, 2x World Champion

"I am very grateful for Jörg's help, especially during the big events."

Christian Taylor

USA Triple Jump athlete, 2x Olympic Gold und 4x World Champion

"The fellowship time with Jörg & Jacqueline and the love that they have shown us have really empowered & encouraged us to do great things."

Nicola Olyslagers (McDermott)

Australian High Jumper & Olympic silver medalist Tokyo 2020

"I met Jacqueline for the second time at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in my own country & was very encouraged by her. I went on to win a medal and jump a personal best. To have someone to partner with me and encourage me on my journey like Jörg and Jacqueline has been such a help."

Micaela Bouter

South African Springboard Diver & Olympian Tokyo 2020

"I am so thankful for Jörg & Jacqueline to come right into the midst of the biggest competitions to let every athlete know that they are unconditionally loved no matter their performance."

Beate Schrott

Austrian 100m hurdles Olympic Finalist


"Jörg & Jacqueline stood by me during a very difficult time and showed me the beauty of the sport again. I am infinitely grateful to them for that."

Lea Laib

Swiss Athletics athlete


"Jörg & Jacqueline are incredibly great role models, inspiration and support for me. Being in contact with them is a great enrichment for me."

Paul Schommer

Athlete US Biathlon Team

"I am a member of the US Biathlon Team. This was my first World Championships on the US Team and I am so grateful that Joerg was able to participate. Although some members of our team had great success in competition during the championships, others were not able to produce their desired performance. In doing so, Jörg was able to offer a performance-free zone where we could see that we are still valuable as people and that success does not define us. It was a refreshing experience in the midst of a world championship surrounded with high stress. I believe his presence enriched not only the athletes he spoke with, but also the workers and volunteers. Joerg's presence has been and will continue to be an invaluable support both for his immediate time in Antholz and for years to come. I hope he can continue to participate in IBU events and offer the same experience to athletes from all over the world who are looking for comfort in the middle of the race."

Ricco Gross

Head Coach Biathlon Team AUT & former GER Olympic Athlete: 4 x Olympic Gold & 9 x World Champion in Biathlon

"Every person thinks and "ticks" differently... One person concentrates 100% on his race, is extremely focused, tries to stay "with" himself, believes very firmly that everything went well in the preparation... "Other" athletes feel different, maybe afraid of failure, feel alone, close acquaintances and family are not around...(many reasons why they feel different). And then I think it's good that exactly these athletes can "open up" to someone...(every now and then there is also a little barrier between athlete and coach). And that's why I think it's good that people like you, support these athletes in difficult situations. I also want to thank you for our great conversations."

Jake Brown

Athlete US Biathlon Team

"It was really special to have Jörg with me this year at the World Championships in Antholz. I really benefited from my conversations with Jörg. His relaxed and easy-going demeanor is a welcome change from the hectic pace one experiences during a World Championship. He brings a peace to the competition arena; this peace has made me more relaxed, balanced and capable. I felt refreshed after the athletes devotion he gave to our team. The Athlete Devotional was a special time where we as athletes could escape the pressure to perform - it's a "performance free zone" as Jörg says, and we can feel free to be ourselves. I was really grateful that Jörg was there for me both in the Family Club and during the athlete devotional, as it gave me a clearer head. I look forward to meeting Jörg at future competitions."

Dr. Brett Torestahl

Team Doctor Biathlon Team USA

"It is incredibly valuable to have a Chaplain and devotional available for athletes. Given the physical and emotional toll athletes are under during the season, athletes interested in spiritual support or growing spiritually should have a Chaplain available. Joerg hosted an athlete devotional for the U.S. team that was attended by a number of athletes and staff and was well received."

Clare Egan

Athlete US Biathlon & Chairwoman of the IBU Athletes Commission

"During the Antholz World Championships 2020, I met Jörg Walcher and was able to attend his athlete devotional that he hosted at my hotel. Two of my teammates already knew Jörg through his nonprofit organization Beyond Gold. I have the impression that Jörg's presence at any IBU competition can only be positive."


Elite Sports Schools

Mag. Franz Schaffer

School director Ski Academy Schladming

"For young athletes, spiritual guidance is just as important as a coordinated training plan. For us at the Ski Academy in Schladming it has proven valuable to offer our athletes before and after the season the opportunity to follow this path with Jörg and we thank him for it."

Sarah Mohi

Head of Sport KV of the Swiss Olympic Sport School / SBW Talent-Campus Bodensee

"Our team had the pleasure of having Jörg and Jacqueline Walcher as guests with their beyond Gold program at the SBW House of learning in the 2022/23 school year. Here, young people with sporting ambitions complete a commercial apprenticeship in four years alongside their training. As former sports professionals, the Walchers were just the right people to give our students something else to learn besides technical and sports training. They worked out values with the young people that promote a holistically balanced life. Both Walchers immediately found an approach to the young people with their upbeat and friendly manner."