Spiritual Fitness

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Are you in shape both physically and spiritually?

Part 1 on "Spiritual Fitness" 🏋️ will lay a strong and unshakeable foundation for your spiritual health as an athlete that empowers you beyond gold🥇Some "Spiritual Fitness" topics that will be covered over the coming weeks:

How you deal ...

• with victory

• with jealousy

• with pressure

• with loneliness

• with difficult people

• with disappointments in your performance and in the team

• with physical and mental injuries

• how you overcome fears

• how to deal with worries, anxiety and burdens

• how to put your ego on the back burner and still get to the top

• how to make wise decisions

• how you become an inspiring role model to youth and society

• And last but not least how to live an unshakeable identity beyond gold 🏆